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Do you really need a breastfeeding pillow?

As a new mum, you need to ensure to get maximum rest and comfortability to care perfectly for your little one and try to make your life a little easier. Here, we will tell you you do need a breastfeeding pillow.

Why not use any pillow? 

Breastfeeding pillows, or nursing pillows are not like any other pillow you’ll find in your household. Their shape, the size, and the material are different. Other pillows, like bed pillows or throw pillows, can be too soft that the baby would sink too low or can be uncomfortable and hard to use. 

That is where breastfeeding pillows come in handy. 

Why would you need a breastfeeding pillow ?

Here is why would you need a breastfeeding pillow: 

-It helps you maintaining support for your baby as you breastfeed

-Makes you avoid any body pains especially in the neck, arm and back

-Keep the baby’s head and body in a correct and comfy position

-Makes breastfeeding easy no matter how long it took 

-Helps in bottle feedings and avoiding spills

-Can be used as an alternative for pregnancy pillow

-Make multitasking easier

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